Day Three / Hour 1: Hospitality & Hospitality Industry

10-10:50am: Hospitality & Hospitality Industry

  • Challenge: Employees may consider hospitality to be only found in hotels and restaurants. They may also think hospitality as a complicated concept or something that can only be performed in a series of steps
  • Solution: Students should know the golden rule of hospitality and understand that service is about treating guests like a close friend

Key Teaching Points:

  • Golden Rule of Hospitality
  • Hospitality should be incorporated into any business (you can take these principles anywhere)
  • The hospitality industry’s size and wide-reach

Class Activity:

  • What does hospitality mean to you and examples of great hospitality.
    • Have groups of students write everything they know about the topic on the board. Ask students to verbally elaborate on statements they have written.

10:50-11:00am: 10 MINUTES BREAK