Day Three / Hour 2: Hotels Overview and Defining Luxury

11:00-11:50am: Hotels Overview and Defining Luxury

  • Challenge: Employees may not understand how the industry is organized and how guest’s motivations vary when staying at each chain scale and style
  • Solution: Students should understand where the partners fit within the overall market and recognize the expectations guests have for the partner’s chain scale

Key Teaching Points:

  • Luxury is experiential and subjective (it varies depending on the guest)
  • Hotels chain scale is based on ADR
  • The reasons why a guest selects a particular hotel’s chain scale and style is based on their preferences (needs and tastes)
  • The differences between eco hotels, boutique hotels, and destination resorts 
    • Eco = Focused on sustainability and connection to nature
    • Boutique = Focused on distinct design and unique offerings
    • Destination Resort = Focused on keeping guests on-property + offering many activities

Class Activity:

  • Bingo (or other matching activity) with amenities/services related to different chain scales?
  • Re-check: Which brand partner resonates most with you? (Decide for CPT)

11:50-12:10pm: 20 MINUTES BREAK