Day Two / Hour 1: Work View Reflection

10-10:50am: Work View Reflection

  • Challenge: Employees often view work as the means to a paycheck and focus on the “nine-to-five” timeslot
  • Solution: Students should understand what work means to them and how every workday is leading them to their career aspirations and life goals

Key Teaching Points:

  • Each student should define what work is and what it means to them
  • Bring the class through each of the key “work view” questions
  • Have them consider: service to others + the world, money and standard of living, and growth, learning, skills, and talents
  • Students should focus not on the what work they want to do, but why they work

Class Activity:

  • Work, love, play, health assessment
  • Work View Reflection

10:50-11:00am: 10 MINUTES BREAK