Day One / Hour 3: Introduction to Brand

12:10-1:00pm: Introduction to Brand

  • Challenge: Hospitality employees may not recognize that there are different reasons why brands exist and how each brand’s motivations differ
  • Solution: Students should be aware of each brand partner’s mission and how the guest experience varies between brands. They should understand the unique philosophy of each partner

Key Teaching Points:

  • Values/Mission/Vision Meaning
  • How Values/Mission/Vision manifest in a company’s operations
  • Examples from each partner company

Class Activity:

  • How can we see this in different brands marketing materials?
  • Practice interview question – working in brand’s goals
  • Practice customer service example – working in brand’s goals
  • Brand value matching activity
  • Which brand partner resonates with you? (Decide for CPT)

1:00-1:10pm: 10 MINUTES BREAK