Module Overview

Module Overview

Description of vision, focus, objectives, and student needs

The module’s central focus is on the difficult challenges that front-of-house employees face, including dealing with upset guests and issues that arise at the workplace. Many of these challenges are emotionally draining, because the issues are usually related to actions caused by others (guests or co-workers).

This module familiarizes students with the tools and resources on how to handle issues that arise, such as meditation, emotional intelligence, service recovery, and understanding management’s perspective. The activities included in this module allow students to apply these different tools and resources to different real-world situations. Ultimately, this will allow them to restructure their own behavior to better handle their interpersonal relationships at work and at home.

This module’s culminating performance task (CPT) is a role-play scenario in which every student will show his or her own ability to handle dealing with an upset guest. This will demonstrate a student’s understanding of the tools and resources taught in class. 

Prior to the CPT, students will have an opportunity to practice role-play situations as a class. During these practice sessions, it is imperative that the classroom is treated as a safe space where students feel supported - even if they make mistakes. Through their peers’ shared feedback the students will learn from each other and create a best approach to handling guest issues as a class.

After students complete this module, they will be aware of the inevitable challenges that exist at work and should feel like they are able to handle challenging situations with ease. This confidence and expertise will in turn “set them apart” from other job candidates.

Curriculum Sequence

Organization of Module Two

  • Hotel Openings
    • Guest Issues
      • Common Guest Complaints
    • Workplace Issues
  • Manage Your Emotions
    • Meditation/Relaxation Techniques
  • Manage Other’s Emotions
    • Emotional Intelligence
      • RULER approach
    • Cultural Intelligence
    • Service Recovery
  • Understanding Management’s Perspective
    • Turnover
    • When & how to speak up
  • Culminating Performance Task = Upset Guest Role-Play

Essential Questions & Curriculum Standards

Comprehension Areas That Students Will Be Tested On

Essential Questions:

  • How do I deal with an upset guest?
  • Should I leave my job for a better offer?
  • Why might management make a decision that I disagree with? How should I handle it?
  • What guest issues can I expect to deal with?
  • What workplace issues can I expect to deal with?
  • How should I interact with people from different cultures?
  • What can I anticipate from a grand opening?

Curriculum Standards:

  • Explain & apply emotional intelligence
  • Explain & apply turnover
  • Explain & apply service recovery
  • Explain & apply stress management
  • Know common hotel complaints
  • Handle guest issues with ease

Student’s Prior Knowledge & Potential Obstacles

Student’s Prior Knowledge:

  • Likely familiar with concepts (e.g. service recovery, emotional intelligence, etc.), but unsure of the concept’s finer points

Potential Obstacles:

  • Students might understand content, but experience difficulty teaching it back (e.g. emotional intelligence)
  • Students might be shy to tackle role-plays (use think-pair-share to combat this challenge)
  • Students might feel uneasy about making mistakes during role-plays (have students provide feedback following the something you did well and something you could improve on format)