SAIRA Hospitality is a non-profit enterprise, aiming to disrupt the traditional hospitality routes to sourcing employees.





What We Do

SAIRA Hospitality creates pop-up and permanent hospitality schools with hotel owners, designed for less privileged locals living in thriving hotel markets.

SAIRA Hospitality educates and equips them with the knowledge and life skills needed to create a career and build a future in the hospitality industry. The educational content features key topics such as tangible and intangible service qualities, loyalty programs, turnover, service recovery, mindfulness and wellness, cultural & emotional intelligence will is taught in addition to a focus on soft skills and communication skills.




“A unique business model and vision, paramount to the success of hotels in emerging markets.”

Michael Lindenbaum  |  Executive Vice President of Operations and Development, Dream Hotel Group





Why We Do It





“SAIRA is an inspirational mission grounded in substance, with a unique training program giving trainees access to some of the best minds in hospitality.

Annie Chen  |  Director, Membership Development, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd





Why Partner With Us


• Save on expat salaries
• Reduce the training time
• Receive 501c3 tax benefits
• Reduce turnover thereby reducing cost to train new employees
• Gain loyal committed employees
• Attract socially conscious guests through the CSR program


• Benefit from Cornell education and guest teaching
• Complimentary e-Cornell courses for top graduates
• Bespoke content created with the future employer in mind
• Employees are instilled with the brand culture and values before starting work at the hotel




“An innovative approach to creating social development and commercial value to the hospitality industry... an idea that should be expanded and replicated globally.”

Bill Carroll, Ph.D.  |  Clinical Professor of Marketing, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University






Where We Work

SAIRA is a model that can be applied globally – unfortunately, there are people all over the world in need of opportunities and fortunately, a booming tourism industry full of hotels who need people who understand how to deliver memorable, bespoke service.



SAIRA launched a successful pilot at A Place Called Home in downtown Los Angeles at the end of 2015. In November 2016, SAIRA graduated 42 local students from a nine-week pop-up hotel school  in Todos Santos, Mexico, in partnership with the Standard Hotel's latest boutique hotel acquisition, Bunkhouse Hotels. 86% of the students who applied to Bunkhouse were hired for both entry-level and mid-management roles. SAIRA will go on to create its first permanent hotel school in Turks and Caicos, in the Summer of 2017.




“SAIRA acts as a vessel to train and connect talented locals who are passionate about hospitality with hotels who recognize the impact that good service can have on their business. SAIRA’s service is a win-win all around.”

Hans Pfister  |  President and co-owner of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality





Who We Are

Harsha Chanrai, Founder / CEO
At a young age, Harsha was strongly influenced by her father’s philanthropy work in primary health care, eye-care, and safe water projects in Nigeria and India; in addition to his work with Mother Teresa. She was educated in her hometown London, England and developed a passion for luxury hospitality as Director of Marketing for Six Senses Resorts and Residences in Asia. Harsha continued in hotel operations as the F&B Marketing Manager for the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore and at the Aman Resort, Sri Lanka. Constantly seeking a way she could merge this passion for hospitality with a deeply rooted dedication to philanthropy, Harsha enrolled in the MMH graduate program at Cornell Univeristy’s School of Hotel Administration. While attending, she realized a way to link service to the guest and service to humanity. This formed the core philosophy behind SAIRA Hospitality.




“Providing trainees-in-need with access to careers in hospitality, one of the largest and most egalitarian industries in the world, is a mission that the entire industry should embrace.  Saira is the enabler of this mission to change these precious lives one at a time.”

Steven A. Carvell, Ph.D.  |  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University





Join Us

SAIRA Hospitality relies on the hotel owners to cover the cost of the education, which they in turn benefit from.  Hotel owners receive tax benefits, a corporate social responsibility project, marketing/PR benefits and access to a bespoke curriculum they can re-use.

SAIRA Hospitality is always searching for talented people aspiring to make a positive change.

SAIRA Hospitality also accepts charitable donations and is a registered 501c3 organization.

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